Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I was at the pet store, see...

I am tickled and delighted to announce the newest member of our family -- Little Miss No Name!!

The acquisition of this dear little baby girl is entirely a blog phenomenon... Some weeks back I was showing off my new and improved dining room, with the pretty plaid drapes and the inspired china rack designed by me... where tucked in the back corner was an old fashioned bird cage, a decorative thing, an after-thought really. But someone (Dori) asked if anyone lived there.

Live there? A bird? Me, a bird keeper? I am planning to get chickens (the rule is I can not get chickens till after I get the blessed front porch restored... if it were up to me I'd have the hens, a hen house, a hen run and phooey on the porch, so i have to put in place rules designed to keep me in line.) But I'd never really thought about a bird. Not the way I'd once thought about a kitten. When I got my first indoor cat some thirty years ago I was 6,000 miles from home, pregnant and if I didn't get something in my arms to mother soon I liketa died! I desperately wanted that kitten. I sought her out, carried her home, named her Gillian and she was my right-hand man, er, cat, for 18 years. But a bird? I'd never really thought about... not till someone (Dori) merely queried if someone lived in that bird cage.

My Boyfriend wondered the same thing... was I ever going to get a bird for that cage? Silly Boyfriend doesn't know the difference between someone wanting a bird and someone wanting a bird cage. He understood the former... but the latter blew his little male mind.

But then we went to the pet shop to get water conditioner for the pond... and as long as the parakeets are right there, we could at least look... Oh my heavens. That is always my swan song... just a peek.

So now I have this dear wee bird who has no name. I have a little list going... but I'm really kind of stuck. Wee Birdy needs a name -- so would you be so kind as to make suggestions and help me name this little nameless bird?

(Isn't this better than a dead fish story? Yes, a live bird trumps dead fish every time.)


PG said...

Did you know that over here we call them budgies? In the UK a parakeet is a larger bird, with a little crest on it's head. She is very pretty, I've been racking my brains all afternoon but she needs a dainty name I think.

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

LOL .... ohhhh my. I have a cage on a stand on my porch but .. I am NOT getting a bird I am NOT getting a bird.
We used to have a Parakeet, a sweet little thing she was too. Her name was Baby and she could say "pretty baby" too.
I agree with PG she needs a dainty name.


Mary Anne Drury said...

She's SO cute !!! does she talk? or will she? and is she a she? this makes a differenc in the name ya know ..... hmmmmm if it's a girl, I'm partial to Lucy or Ethel .... (I'm assuming she'll be quite the character ....) ..... of if she turns out to be a he .... how about Ricky or Fred?
Have fun !!!!!!

Tami B. said...

I love Mary's suggestions, especially Lucy or Ethel. I thought of Violet when I saw her. She's a beauty.

Anonymous said...

This post just made me giggle! And I can just hear Dori making that comment...such a little instigator :-)
I have no bird cage, decorative or otherwise. I have no bird. But I went and put myself on the list at the Seattle Humane Society for a Grey Parrot! Why did I have to read "Alex the Parrot's story...WHY???

lkhomework said...

That pretty blue color, and this time of year... I suggest Delphinium for the birdie's name.

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