Monday, September 24, 2007

Dance With Me...

I am soooooooooooooooo ready for DANCING WITH THE STARS. Are you ready? It's one thing to be a JEOPARDY Dork... but they at least give me a brand new show every night, no waiting, no withdrawals. But now I am a Dancing Dork too and between seasons, I. Can't. Stand. It. I need to dance... Gotta dance... I can't dance... don't ask me... But oh I will, with much glee and enthusiasm, I will twirl and pirouette, leap and plie. It is not just a TV show, it's an event, a happening. Speaking of which, it happens to be "Work in the Shop" night. No play time for me... OH... but a girl's gotta eat... a little wine, a little cheese. Breads, meats, fruits...

So here we are... a well-stocked shop fridge, a precisely placed TV and I can have my work and my dancing too. I better turn the saw off whilst I "shimmy-shimmy-shake" lest I come up short on digits.
Dance with me... I'll share my wine, I'll slice off some more cheese ... we'll make a night of it. Here in the shop, join me, there's room.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ushering in Autumn

I can't say where summer went, but this week my Senior Art Party project will usher in autumn. I'm a big fan of treasure boxes in all shapes and sizes. For my group I did in fact get wooden boxes in all different shapes and sizes. Square, round, oval, sectagonal. Some have hinged lids while others have lift off lids. I thought the little clasp on the hinged lids might be hard for the ones with arthritus. It's no fun having a treasure box if you can't open it to take a peek at your treasure. Add an autumnal floral arrangement on top and what's not to like? The colors will set the tone and I'm hoping to engage them in a discussion of what they'll keep in their treasure box. Maybe they'll squirrel away a treasure, like a key to an old long-gone car. Or snippets of silk and lace that remain from a wedding dress.

If you had a treasure box just for you, what would you hide inside?