Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Talia Likes to Help

Of course I can't sew and paint and upholster by myself. Lucky for me, Talia likes to help. See, she's holding down the drapery fabric, lest it float away:

I could not have sewn these drapes without her:

It was Talia's idea to paint that cabinet black -- I think it's striking, don't you? Remember it used to be green -- nice enough, but it would have clashed with these walls and the new drapes.

Thank goodness for Talia, who simply wears herself out helping me. After her nap she'll be designing and working with me real soon.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Hello, hello, Bloggy Friends -- thank you all so much for checking in and checking on me. I've been very very busy -- my business is growing by frightful leaps and bounds AND I am trying very hard to pull together my first floor. So when I am not working I am sewing and staining, sawing and stapling. Yikes. I didn't mean to be away this long, but actuially I've had little to say other than, "I'm still working on the Great Big Cabinet," or, "I squeezed in an extra client today and I'm pooped," or even, more commonly, "I am still looking for a china cabinet/hutch/buffet, round four." None of that would have made very interesting reading. And less than no pictures -- but as soon as I figure how to photograph paint drying...

I have made a bit of progress, though. On our way home from Cumberland we stopped at an odd little flea market and tucked in the back corner, behind booths of new merchandise, socks and gems, pet food and tools, was one lady selling antiques. She was closing out one of her booth spaces at some mighty attractive prices. So I got this for a song:

This is near the front door and as soon as I decide if it should get a mirror or that beautiful piece of art above it -- framing that print was a Christmas present from My Sweetheart.

This is the spot where that hideous radiator once stood!!! Remember?

This doesn't work like those TV shows where the whole house is revamped by a crew of worker bees in 25 minutes or less. All this work and all these decisions and all this money is coming from me -- in drips and drabs.

This is where I have been, partly and very soon I will have some Oh~So~Nice finished photos. But for now back to work with me -- today I am sewing drapes. Hooray!!!!