Friday, August 15, 2008


Where, oh where, has Jenny been? Trust me -- you would not have wanted to come along. I've been cleaning out closets, dismantling messes and rooting through the art room. Eek! And OH MY!

I am more of an autumn cleaner than a spring cleaner and of late there has been that "bite" in the air... the kids go back to school earlier and earlier and autumn is sure to follow. So I have begun. And it occurs to me that this house isn't big enough for me and all my nonsense. Oh My Heaven -- when you are a premiere bargain shopper it can sometimes be hard to pass up a really good deal... but if in the end it all gets bagged up and hauled off to thrift... where was the bargain?
And why, oh why, is it way more fun to buy stuff than it is to bag it up and haul it out. I don't get that same little thrill when I am randomly grabbing stuff up and shoving it in a black plastic trash bag as when the clerk at the store placed it in a shopping bag.

So now, when I am out shopping and a great, fabulous, spectacular bargain leaps upon me, I am prepared with a brand new shopping mantra: "Oh, Look, someone is going to be thrilled to find this deal... I will leave it for someone who will love it."

To be fair I have held onto quite a few things for a very long time. See those sweet Teddy bears -- I've had them for some 15 years. When you're as old as me stuff has had time to accumulate. Now it is time for stuff to disappear.

Bye-bye Teddy Bears. Bye-bye stuff.