Monday, May 18, 2009

The Gift

Have you seen this book? THE GIFT OF A YEAR. It's lovely. It's a book club selection of an on- line women's business group I belong to. I never would have thought of this on my own. The Gift of a Year... to me... Oh My Goodness, just like you, I have so many things to do for so many other people each and every day, how could I possibly give myself a year?

Um, but wait... how could I not? Whose life is this? And how much time are we talkin' here? Every waking moment of every single day devoted entirely to me. (All me -- all the time?Frankly I am not that interesting. By the middle of the second day after a very long nap I would be bored smack out of my mind.)

But all me in small doses... I think I like that. According to the book everybody's gift to themselves is as individual as they are. One woman gives herself a year to redecorate her house. Another one admits she's sick to pieces of where she lives, where she works and who she's involved with and that this year she plans to remedy all of that. One woman simply wants a year of naps and catching up on reading -- essentially to slow the crazy-making pace she's been on.

And me? What do I want from a year?

I want to take care of myself. It isn't just about dieting, getting skinny or looking good in cute clothes, although that would be great. But what I want, down to the core, is to energize my body in ways that will result in my body energizing me.

I've hired a trainer, I've restocked my pantry and my fridge. I work out. I plan my meals. I think about what I'm doing. Wine, yes. Buttered popcorn, no. I need every brain cell and every muscle I've got left. I'm not interested in getting older and grayer and slower. What I want to do is get older and busier and to go go go in ways I could not when I was younger, child-encumbered, work-buried.

Did it ever occur to you to give yourself the gift of a year? What would you give you? Foreign language? Foreign travel, belly dancing classes? A great yard? I might give myself some of that too -- but I am thinking, first things first -- who knows what getting in shape might lead to. And by way of a small me, this could be the start of something big.


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Way to go with your regime. Wish I was as motivated right now but I am sure it will happen soon. I am so sorry you had trouble commenting on my blog. I hope the change I made will make a difference. Happy Wednesday! xo Lynn

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Wow are inspiring !

I am going to mull this over.


Sylvan Treasures said...

Exercise sounds great. More power to ya!

I always find that I feel much more energized when I go on walks at least twice a week. It's a really good feeling.

Queenly Things said...

Hear, hear - I know just what I'm going to do with my year!!! Thank you.

Tami B. said...

What a beautiful gift. I've not heard of this book, but I'm looking for it now. Not sure what my gift would be, but I like thinking about it.

teemiesblooms said...

I'm with you Jenny! I've been planning on this after the grad party, spend tons of time with my sun pit, getting healthier making fresh green smoothies. Walk, breath..I don't breath deep enough.

Thank you for the inspiration! I'll picking up that book.

Custom Cabinet Finishes said...

What an inspiration!! Thank you!! I will be looking for this book ... Scottie

Anonymous said...

Jenny...I'm so happy to be taking this journey of "The Gift Of A Year" with you and the other ladies in our group! So inspiring!!!

And, I'm confident that both of us will reach our "gift to self" of a healthier person. So much to look forward to!